Jun 20, 2018  
2016-2017 Capital Seminary and Graduate School Catalog 
2016-2017 Capital Seminary and Graduate School Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Doctor of Ministry

Curricular Structure

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program requires a minimum of two years of study and will enable the participant to integrate that study into existing ministry responsibilities. Students who enroll in the degree program will complete 30 hours of academic study as follows: 

Program Orientation Workshop 0 Credit
Advanced Ministry Concentration Seminars 16 Credits
Applied Seminars 8 Credits
Mentored Ministry Project 6 Credits
Program Total 30 Credits

Each seminar involves 13 weeks of coursework. This includes 6 weeks of online, faculty-mediated learning, plus one week of face-to-face engagement in on-campus seminar work (24 face-to-face hours per seminar), followed by 6 more weeks of online student-mediated learning. Online sessions include instruction methods that engage the learner such as case study analysis, discussion, PowerPoint presentations, and interactions with precedent literature.

Site Offered

Greenbelt, MD  

Lancaster, PA  

Program Orientation Workshop (0 Credit)

Students will complete the online workshop that will orient the student to their program and the technology skills required to successfully complete the degree. 0 Credit.

Advanced Ministry Concentration Seminars (16 Credits)

Students will complete four blended seminars (four credits each) following a prescribed sequence with peer cohort groups. Students may select one of five program options described below. Students may complete these four seminars to earn a post-graduate certificate. This program allows students who complete the Certificate to return and complete the full DMin at a later date if they choose.

Strategic Leadership

This program is highly experiential in nature. Seminars will be held in at a variety of historically significant locations. Seminars will examine principles of leadership drawn from the historic development of the American experience and are translated to ministry leadership contexts. Of particular focus are lessons learned from historical religious, political and military leaders in American history. A blended delivery approach will be used combining online instruction with on location learning. Two, five-day study trips are integrated into the program and are required for the post-graduate certificate. Three, five-day study trips are required for the post-masters certificate and the DMin degree. Expenses for travel to these locations are not included in the tuition of the program. Students can expect to spend approximately $750 - $1000 per travel experience.

Mentored Ministry Project (6 Credits)