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    Capital Seminary and Graduate School
  Feb 23, 2018
2016-2017 Capital Seminary and Graduate School Catalog

Pastoral Studies, MAM

Curricular Structure

The Master of Arts in Ministry program consists of 48 credits and a non-credit Orientation Seminar. The curriculum is designed as follows:

Orientation Seminar   0 Credit
Biblical and Theological Studies 12 Credits
Ministry Praxis   9 Credits
Advanced Ministry Praxis - Pastoral Studies 21 Credits
Field-Based Experience   6 Credits
Program Total 48 Credits

Sites Offered

Greenbelt, MD 
Lancaster, PA 
Philadelphia, PA 
Memphis, TN  

Biblical and Theological Studies (12 Credits)

The following online Biblical and Theological Studies courses are required unless the student has entered the program with advanced standing. Advanced Standing is granted to those students who have completed 30 hours or more of undergraduate Bible and theology courses. Students with less than 30 hours may receive partial Advanced Standing credit proportionate to undergraduate or graduate Bible and theology studies completed. Student’s official transcripts will be evaluated during the admissions process and the student will be informed of their Advanced Standing status at the admissions interview.

Field-based Experience (6 Credits)

The field-based study experience is an integral part of the total degree that is designed to develop greater competence in ministry. In consultation with their faculty mentor, students will select among the first two options below to fulfill the 6 credits of program requirements.

1. Ministry Internships or Mentorships

Students are provided an opportunity to gain practical ministry knowledge by serving in an approved church, church organization, non-profit organization, governmental organization, school, or under the mentorship of a Christian leader. Students invest a total of 120 documented hours, per 3-credit internship course,  in observation and activities under the mentoring of a qualified organizational leader. Internship sites and supervisors must be approved in advance by the student’s faculty mentor. Mentorships are offered to students already serving in a paid ministry position. Details of the mentorship will be developed with the assistance of the student’s faculty mentor. Ministry Internships or Mentorships are charged tuition at the same rate as other 3 credit courses.

MIN 590 - Ministry Internship  

MIN 591 - Ministry Internship  

2. Ministry Research

The Ministry Research Project, experienced through two 3-credit courses, is intended to give the student an opportunity to demonstrate the acquisition of improved research and writing skills, greater insight, and growth in competence for ministry through a major written ministry project. The project’s design is to evaluate an existing ministry by assessing effectiveness for mission/vision. Students learn an effective assessment tool applicable for any ministry setting.

MIN 598 - Ministry Research Design  

MIN 599 - Ministry Research Project  

3. Academic Option

With the permission of both the faculty Faculty Mentor and a Chair of the appropriate Seminary Department, students may be allowed to take elective courses in their program or an independent study appropriate to their ministry goals. Students must make a formal written proposal in order to exercise this option.