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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Middle Level Education (4-8) Major (BSEd/BABS)

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Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

Majors: Biblical Studies, Middle Level Education

Certification: Pennsylvania Instructional I (4-8) and ACSI Standard (K-8)

Major Mission: The Middle Level Education major trains students from a philosophical base which reflects a biblical worldview, to serve as teachers in public and private schools.

Major Outcomes:

  1. The teacher candidate will integrate knowledge to design coherent learning experiences.
  2. The teacher candidate will implement safe, equitable, learning-focused environments.
  3. The teacher candidate will demonstrate effective instructional practices.
  4. The teacher candidate will demonstrate professionalism.
  5. The teacher candidate will integrate a biblical worldview.

Major Effectiveness: Click here to see data supporting the effectiveness of this program.

Major Description: The Middle Level Education Major trains students to teach all subjects in grades 4-8 with specialization in one or two subject areas.  Coursework and field experiences are designed for the student to develop an understanding of the middle level learner, implement effective instructional practices, and to create safe, learning environments.  Students also train to be content matter specialists in their selected fields.

Middle Level Options: 


Option 1 - Subject Concentration: 

30 credits in English, math, social studies, or science + 9 credits in the other three subject areas


Option 2 - Subject Focuses: 

33 credits (18 and 15) in two of the following subjects (one must be math or science) English, math, social studies and science + 12 credits in the other two subject areas

For example: math (18 credits), English (15 credits), science (12 credits), social studies (12 credits)



  • English w/Math: 3 English, 2 Math, 1 SS, 1 Sci
  • English w/Science: 3 English, 2 Sci, 1 SS, 1 Math
  • Math w/Soc Studies: 3 Math, 2 SS, 1 English, 1 Sci
  • Math w/Science: 3 Math, 2 Sci, 1 English, 1 SS
  • Math w/English: 3 Math, 2 English, 1 Sci, 1 SS
  • Soc Studies w/Math: 3 SS, 2 Math, 1 Sci, 1 English
  • Soc Studies w/Science: 3 SS, 2 Sci, 1 Eng, 1 Math
  • Science w/English: 3 Sci, 2 English, 1 Math, 1 SS
  • Science w/Math: 3 Sci, 2 Math, 1 SS, 1 Eng
  • Science w/Soc Studies: 3 Sci, 2 SS, 1 English, 1 Math


The 400 level course must be taken in your concentration or one of your focus areas.


Middle Level Education Major Curriculum

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Fifth Year

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