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May 2015 - April 2016 Capital Seminary and Graduate School Catalog 
May 2015 - April 2016 Capital Seminary and Graduate School Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biblical Studies is a terminal research doctorate designed to prepare and equip biblical scholars who show exceptional academic promise and teaching potential.

The degree program requires 60 credit hours of study, including the doctoral dissertation. The program is delivered in a blended format, leveraging online technology with face-to-face seminar experiences, resulting in a model of delivery that fits the lives of adult learners. Because of this alternate delivery method, the PhD in Biblical Studies will be accessible to men and women who are already actively engaged in full time marketplace employment or Christian ministries and are unable to enter a traditional residency program.

The life-engaged learners will join a cohort of peers who, together, will progress though a prescribed sequence of seminars, develop sustainable habits of scholarly inquiry, and learn to function in a cooperative learning environment.

Through the PhD in Biblical Studies, students will realize a greater mastery of biblical languages, historical backgrounds, theological frameworks, and teaching methods. There is a strong emphasis on the development of knowledge and skills not only in the area of biblical studies, but also in the areas of adult learning and mediated instruction.

This program contains a significant component of seminar work dedicated to the development of mediated and classroom teaching skills for the instruction of adult learners. The program includes seminars in learning theory, instructional design, educational technology, and andragogy. In addition to the more common humanities-based research model for biblical research, students will have the option of focusing their dissertation research in the area of biblical instruction by using empirical methodologies as well as humanities-based research designs.

The integration of these studies and disciplines will enable the candidates to conduct doctoral level research and will equip them to serve as ministry practitioners in a variety of fields requiring the highest level of academic degree achievement. 

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The purpose of the PhD in Biblical Studies program is to prepare twenty-first century professors, teachers, pastors, missionaries and other types of ministry educators to teach biblical and theological studies in Bible colleges, Christian liberal arts colleges, seminaries, and other teaching contexts and equip them to integrate a significant knowledge of educational technology, adult learning theory, and mediated learning methodology in their teaching role, which in many cases will involve a mediated delivery environment.

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