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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life

Student Life

Student life at LBC involves growth and learning in and outside the classroom. Students face the challenge to integrate classroom learning with other facets of their lives. As students relate to real life situations, they are responsible to live properly in relation to God, to other individuals, and to the campus community at large. Therefore, Christian formation, resident, and community life, as well as Student Services, all contribute to student life on the campus of the college.

Christian Formation

Personal Encouragement. At LBC, a strong emphasis is placed upon individual spiritual growth. Students are encouraged to maintain daily times for opportunities to commune with God through personal Bible reading, reflection, and prayer.

Corporate Encouragement. Chapels are held three times a week (Tuesday-Thursday) as the college meets together for worship, prayer, spiritual nourishment, and a challenge from the Scriptures. Occasionally, assemblies are held in place of chapel for consideration of special topics, class meetings, etc. A Missions Conference is conducted each spring semester. In addition, the entire student body and faculty unite for a Day of Prayer each semester.

The Lord’s Day. LBC views church attendance as a crucial part of a student’s life and desires for each student to grow in fellowship with other believers on a regular basis. Students are also encouraged to maintain a pattern of weekly rest, refocusing their attention on Jesus Christ and renewing themselves spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. This includes a campus-wide adjustment of the usual daily pace and schedule and an effort to encourage balanced, intentional involvement in worship, growth, and ministry.

The Goal. Every student is expected to deepen his/her spiritual commitment to Christ and his body by growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. By learning spiritual principles in the classroom and the application of biblical teachings outside the classroom, every student is encouraged to develop moral character. Growing spiritually is the foundation for growth intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically in order to be the servant that God desires every student to become a servant prepared by God’s Holy Spirit, his Word, and his fellowship to serve Jesus Christ in a needy world.

Resident Life

College Housing. Single students under the age of 22 are required to live in college housing if they are not living with parents or relatives. Students living in resident halls are required to carry a minimum of 12 hours each semester. Incoming students will be assigned to a resident hall, usually with a roommate. During the spring semester, continuing students may sign up to live in the room of their choice for the following year with a roommate of their choice.

All rooms in the resident halls have wireless network access. Resident students are able to bring a computer to campus and access the LBC network and the Internet via a high speed internet service provider. Additionally, wireless capability is available throughout campus.

Married Student Housing. There are several apartment complexes close to the campus where married students live. To assist married students, the college maintains a register of available off-campus housing. For assistance in securing off-campus housing, contact the Student Services Office.

Community Life

Standards. Membership in an academic community where Christ is central carries with it demanding, yet privileged, responsibility.

The purpose of LBC is to prepare individuals for leadership and service as representatives of Jesus Christ; therefore, high standards of conduct are expected of every student. The student handbook, The LBC Journey, may be found online; it contains student and community life standards.

Dress Statement. Students of LBC should make every effort to dress modestly and appropriately at all times. Specific regulations regarding dress are contained in The LBC Journey.

Discipline. A judicial process involving students, faculty, and administration operates under the direction of the Dean of Students.


Student Activities

Students have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in the many extra-curricular activities that are available through student organizations such as student government, fellowships, and clubs, as well as sports, socials, and musical opportunities.

Student Government

Student Government Association represents students’ interests, encourages self-government, promotes responsibility, loyalty, and cooperation among students and in their relationships with faculty, staff, and the administration of the College.

Student Senate is the representative body of students that governs the Student Government Association and serves as a liaison between the students and other segments of the campus community.

Class Organizations

Each class has its own faculty advisor, officers, senators, and committees. The purpose of the class is to create unity and organization among its members, to maintain a proper Christian testimony on campus and in the community, and to promote spiritual growth in Jesus Christ. The entire class meets regularly for fellowship and business.


International Student Fellowship (ISF) provides support and fellowship for students from outside the United States and students of missionary parents.

Student Missionary Fellowship (SMF) seeks to effectively and constantly emphasize the challenge of missions through its regular meetings, prayer groups, chapel services, and annual Missions Conference.

Commuter Affairs Council

Commuter Affairs Council (CAC) is composed of students elected from commuting students to promote fellowship and spiritual life among commuter students. The council functions in cooperation with its advisor to further commuter interests and to meet the unique needs of commuters.


Any group of students with common interests and goals may file for organizational status. The submission of a constitution is necessary to apply for recognition by the Senate and the college.

  • Yearbook. The college yearbook ICHTHUS (the Greek word for fish, which constitutes an acrostic for “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior”) is produced by a student staff under the supervision of an advisor.
  • Charge. The LBC fine arts magazine Charge is produced by a student staff under the supervision of an advisor.


Intercollegiate. The college participates in intercollegiate sports for both men and women. Intercollegiate sports for men include soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball, baseball, and tennis. Women participate in volleyball, soccer, softball, cross country, tennis, basketball, and lacrosse. LBC is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III and the National Christian College Athletic Association Division I.

Intramural. The college offers a variety of athletic activities for students through the Intramural Association such as flag football, basketball, dodgeball, and softball. The student body selects activities each year based on the interest level of the students.

Club Sports. A variety of opportunities exist for students to participate in club sports. Club sports are offered each year based on student interest.

Social Events

There are a wide variety of social activities available, coordinated by Student Activities Team of the Student Government Association. There are flag football, coffee houses, dodgeball, movies, banquets, semi-formals and concerts that all students may attend.

Students also benefit from and participate in many conferences and seminars that are held on campus annually. Christian management seminars, counseling seminars, and financial planning seminars, as well as pastors conferences, Christian education conferences, student leadership conferences, and missions conferences expand the students’ horizons and expose them to new areas of study and challenge.

Performance & Worship Activities

Lancaster Bible College provides students with many opportunities to use their artistic gifts for the Lord.


Chamber Singers. This a cappella ensemble is made up of 14-16 vocalists who are also members of the LBC Chorale. Audition is required.

Chapel Guild. This 40-60 member gospel choir includes vocalists and rhythm section committed to leading corporate worship on and off campus. All worship teams are formed from Chapel Guild members.  Audition required.

Chorale. The Chorale is a 50 voice university-level choir with performances on and off campus.  Audition is required.                    


Instrumental Chamber Ensembles. Instrumental chamber ensembles are comprised of student instrumentalists desiring to grow in ensemble playing within a small group setting.  Ensembles are flexible, change each semester, and are coached by faculty members.  Past ensembles include a woodwind trio, guitar ensemble, string trio, and many others. 

Jazz Lab. The jazz lab is comprised of students and community members collaborating to prepare for performances on and off campus.  Repertoire includes swing, big band, and other jazz standards. Audition is required

Wind Ensemble. This ensemble combines wind and percussion players to prepare and perform standard wind band literature.  Audition is required.

Student Services

Counseling Services. The college aids the student by providing counseling services to deal with problems and concerns, and to assess life situations in light of biblical principles. The counseling staff is committed to a holistic approach, viewing all aspects of a student’s life as interrelated. Referrals to professional off-campus counseling are also available. On campus, students will be referred to the Counseling & Career Center.

Employment. A listing of off-campus jobs is maintained in the Student Services Office. The Lancaster County area provides job opportunities to students who desire employment. In addition, there are also a number of jobs on campus available to students posted on the Student Portal. Additionally, students are encouraged to check online for various opportunities.

Health Services. The college provides students with health service. A registered nurse is employed full-time to handle calls in the resident halls and to care for students when they are ill. Office hours are Monday-Friday from 8 am-4 pm. After hours, students should check with their Resident Assistant or call their doctor. We are fortunate to have several nearby hospitals and an ambulance association just minutes away, in case of emergency.

Automobiles. Students are permitted to have automobiles on campus but must register them with Public Safety and receive a parking permit. College parking permits must be displayed on all vehicles operated or parked on campus by students.

The Stop. The Stop is LBC’s mail service, which oversees the delivery of all incoming mail to traditional undergraduate students and employee offices. Traditional undergraduate students are assigned an LBC stop, which is used for any mail received as well as communication from other LBC offices and class assignments. The Stop also handles all outgoing mail, including Overnight, Priority Mail, First Class, Air Mail, and almost all other services offered by the United States Postal Service and FedEx, as well as copy services.

Disability Services.  LBC’s Disability Services Office provides accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure access to all programs, facilities, and activities of the College based on Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), and their amendments. Accommodations are made on an individual, case-by-case basis, after submission of documentation to the Director of Disability Services. Incoming students with a disability are encouraged to submit documentation upon acceptance into the College so that accommodations can be determined before the start of the semester for which they enroll. For more information please call 717.569.7071, ext. 5383 or email.