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May 2015 - April 2016 Capital Seminary and Graduate School Catalog 
May 2015 - April 2016 Capital Seminary and Graduate School Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Program Requirements - PhD in Biblical Studies

Content Seminars (40 credits)

Content seminars engage the student in the study and analysis of the pivotal topics in biblical backgrounds, exegesis, hermeneutics and theology, exposition, and pedagogical and andragogical communication skills. Students learn both the skill of biblical research and the skill of teaching adults in the blended and online environments.

Research Language Courses (0 credits)

Proficiency in two modern languages is required for the PhD in Biblical Studies, usually French and German. Doctoral students who have not previously taken French and German must complete non-credit coursework to gain proficiency in reading French and German literature pertinent to biblical studies. These courses are taken during the first two years of the program. A proficiency exam is administered at the end of each course. A grade of B or higher is required for the proficiency exam.
(Students who are accepted into the “Biblical Instruction Dissertation Option” may take Empirical Research in place of Reading German and Reading French. Approval of the Dean is required.)

Comprehensive Exams Course (0 credits)

Four written comprehensive examinations will be given, one in each of the following areas: biblical backgrounds, exegesis, hermeneutics, and theology. Doctoral students must complete the comprehensive examinations successfully before the dissertaion prospectus can be approved.

Dissertation Series (20 credits)

The student follows the dissertation courses 915-918 leading to dissertation completion.

Core Competency
Expert Biblical Exegete, Contextual Interpreter, and Communicator of Biblical Truth BIB 903 - OT Backgrounds (4)  
BIB 904 - NT Backgrounds (4)  
BIB 905 - OT Exegesis (4)  
BIB 906 - NT Exegesis (4)  
BIB 909 - OT Hermeneutics & Theology (4)  
BIB 910 - NT Hermeneutics & Theology (4)  
BIB 911 - Advanced Biblical Communication (4)  
Innovator of Education and Mediated Adult Learning BIB 902 - Learning and Teaching: Theory & Practice (4)  
BIB 912 - Pedagogical & Andragogical Theories & Methods (4)  
BIB 913 - Mediated Learning & Instructional Design (4)  
Researcher-Scholar: Integration of Research, Analysis, and Writing BIB 901 - Advanced Biblical Research & Writing (4)  
BIB 907 - Reading French (0)  
BIB 908 - Reading German (0)  
BIB 914 - Comprehensive Exam Preparation (0)  
BIB 915 - Dissertation IA: Reading & Prospectus Design (4)  
BIB 916 - Dissertation IB: Chapters 1-2 (4)  
BIB 917 - Dissertation II: Completion (4)  
BIB 918 - Dissertation Defense (4)  
Total Required Credit Hours 60