Jun 20, 2018  
May 2015 - April 2016 Capital Seminary and Graduate School Catalog 
May 2015 - April 2016 Capital Seminary and Graduate School Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Capital: Vision

Capital Seminary and Graduate School (Capital) will be a premier, evangelical, globally-accessible, technologically-advanced, competency-based, multi-campus, strategically-partnered academic institution of biblical higher education.

  • Premier: By “premier” we mean that Capital will provide quality education with excellence in every possible way to the honor and glory of God.
  • Evangelical: By “evangelical” we mean that Capital will embrace an unqualified commitment to an historic, orthodox position on the crucial and essential doctrines that demarcate the Christian faith while allowing for denominational distinctions and interpretive differences on second-order doctrines on which equally biblically committed and believing Christians may disagree.
  • Globally-Accessible: By “globally-accessible” we mean that Capital will leverage economies of scale, be financially affordable, be adult-learner focused, maximize alternative delivery models, and will be culturally and linguistically relevant.
  • Technologically-Advanced: By “technologically-advanced” we mean that Capital will leverage all available technologies to make biblical higher education available through multiple platforms, to multiple constituencies, in a cooperative learning environment.
  • Competency-Based: By “competency-based” we mean that the Capital curriculum will equip students with skill-sets that ministry practitioners can practically employ or can teach to others rather than focus on scholarship as an end in itself or on historic curricular models as static definitions of the seminary.
  • Multi-Campus: By “multi-campus” we mean that Capital will be both a vertical campus and virtual campus appropriately designed for the 21st century adult learners rather than a horizontal campus seminary designed for residential students.
  • Strategically-Partnered: By “strategically-partnered” we mean that Capital will reach out to leading churches, mission agencies, equipping institutions, and Christian ministries in order to more fully embed the educational experience of students in the practical environment of real world ministry.
  • Academic Institution: By “academic institution” we mean that Capital will be academically rigorous and appropriately accredited.
  • Biblical Higher Education: By “biblical higher education” we mean that all programs of study will be taught from a biblical worldview perspective and that the Bible will remain the curricular foundation as the school develops leaders who understand the importance of a biblical worldview and its application to every aspect of life and vocation.